NORAVEE.COM – got its’ name after me, I’m Nora V., a 31-year-old primarly studying so a student of vocational marketing media and even production, combining it with my previous degree from general vocational studies in the media field (2/2020 currently on hiatus from school). The blog initially started with the name The Little Things in 2009, and I blogged under it for years. But, I felt a need to revamp the name as the blog grew, and I grew, and the image I wanted to present had a shift to making it more clear and connected to me as a person, not just a story.

I’ve blogged for years, but I’ve been on a hiatus for quite some time too, at least with my personal blog, since I’ve also been blogging professionally at times. Main topic has been my health since I got diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2009, just as I had turned 20. But I’ve always wanted to write about other topics too, so I’ve written about beauty, rehab, statement pieces of various things, my education.. basicly almost anything I wanted to say something about.

Most importantly I want shine the light on young adults and their families and loved ones, who have in some way been touched with cancer. My own experience in its’ longevity and having done lots of volunteer work, and later also professionally for a few cancer organizations, this all gives me a solid grasp of the field making me an experience expert – whether I want it or not.
So what I’m looking to do, and am doing, is influence work. For this reason my educational focuspoints have been media, marketing and event production – I feel they give me the tools to work in this field as private person but also hope to be an professional working in the field that is my passion, and in which I want to make a difference.

You can contact me via this form, or directly at my email

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